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3M  Anti-Microbial Surface Protection


Architectural Fusion Finishes - Anti-Microbial Film

EVERYTHING from door handles to light switches are the breeding grounds for bacteria and microbes that carry the virus. Studies have shown that in well maintained elevators, the elevator buttons contained 40 TIMES MORE infectious microbes than toilets! 

AFF Anti-Mocrobial - Infection
Architectural Fusion Finishes Anti-Microbial FIlm

Bacteria Is Everywhere!

Due to the spread of the deadly coronavirus, most of us try our very best to adhere to the social distance guidelines by maintaining a minimum of 2 meters apart, washing our hands regularly, and wearing face coverings in public. However, there is so much we can do to protect ourselves. We most certainly forget we are not safe from the areas we come in contact with daily while we adhere to these guidelines.


As we go about our daily lives, we all use the same elevator, hold the same handrails, tap the same handicapped buttons, use the same push buttons on copiers and other office equipment, handle the same kettle for a cup of coffee, open the same refrigerator, and so on. It is safe to know that dangerous bacteria can survive on almost every surface, especially stainless steel surfaces — even after they've been scrubbed and wiped clean. That shows how important it is to make sure surfaces we come into contact with are clean and bacteria-free. However, ensuring these surfaces are always clean and bacteria-free can be tricky.

Anti-Microbial Protective Film enhances surfaces and features 3M's Latest Adhesive Technology

for both short-term and long-term applications.

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22% MORE


A study conducted by Donad Redelmeier, director of clinical epidemiology at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre


3M    Anti-Microbial Surface Protective Film

One way to ensure the absence of bacteria on surfaces, which is now the norm, is to regularly clean and disinfect most areas, and in most cases, heavy chemicals and detergents are used. This task is very daunting and costly. Usually, constantly cleaning and disinfecting most of the surfaces is often missed, and at times, can be inconvenient. The other way to ensure bacteria-free surfaces is to eliminate the bacteria as soon as it comes in contact with the surfaces, therefore, not allowing it to colonize, grow, spread, and contaminate other surfaces.

However, there is a new product that eases the process of guaranteeing a bacteria-free environment. It is a new film that can be applied on high-touched surfaces from door handles, railings, desktops, copier machines, sinks, appliances, pushbuttons, and more. The list is endless. Engineered with a clear coated layer that has been treated with an EPA-registered silver ion antimicrobial agent built to protect the film from growth of microbes, odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. The film is specially designed to also stand up to repeated cleaning to protect surfaces from damage.

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Customization Made Simple.

With the 3M Anti-Microbial Film, you can promote your brand while ensuring safe and microbe-free surfaces. Our in-house printing facility provides complete printing and branding services to your product to ensure that your brand's identity is visible and well-presented.

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The added benefit is being able to customize the film to convey any message-

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