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Social Distance Graphics


Help make social distancing easier for your customers.

Transform uncertainty into confidence with solutions for custom removable vinyl wayfinding floor graphics, indoor physical distancing markers and temporary signs for walls and windows.

We offer a range of graphic films used to manufacture decals that enable and promote social distancing guidelines.


These decals can

  • Resist scuffing and have the durability to withstand thousands of footsteps.

  • Easily applied to and used on multiple surfaces such as floors, walls, counter-tops or mirrors.

  • Removed cleanly from most surfaces without causing any damage to the surface while leaving minimal to no adhesive residue. Customized in any space and shape to meet your requirements.


With so many people now staring down at their phones, floors have become a prominent focal point to move people in the right direction. These graphic solutions can be used as a floor guide for visitors, employees and customers to help remind them to main a safe distance.

Graphics may be customized with your information/logo and wordings
Self Adhesive Decals: Can be applied on walls,  floors and/or windows
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Need help getting signage printed for your facility?
Contact us and we will be happy to assist you:
Clean and disinfect with no deterioration of the surface finish.
Beautiful, sustainable —
               Easy to clean and disinfect.
Keeping your surfaces clean and properly disinfected is more important than ever. 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes have been tested with typical commercial cleaners as well as EPA registered disinfectants* that can destroy or suppress the growth of harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi.
Clean and disinfect with no deterioration of the surface finish.
See how 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes can make your project easier now and your cleaning easier in the future
Find the right surface finish.
DI-NOC has versatile, durable, cleanable finishes for a wide range of facilities.
In health care facilities: DI-NOC is ideal for use on cabinets in patient rooms, nurses’ stations, front desks, doors, walls, columns; and any areas where design, durable function and cleanability are needed.
In commercial buildings: DI-NOC’s durability and cleanability make it ideal for wrapping doors, walls, cabinets, front desks and other surfaces in high-traffic zones.
Easy to clean, maintain and repair.
DI-NOC’s versatility, easy maintenance, and durability against normal wear and tear keep your space looking fresh for the long term.
Routine removal of dirt requires only mild detergent; water; and a soft, nonabrasive cloth or sponge to help keep your space looking fresh.
Durable, nonporous surfaces
are easy to maintain and won’t be damaged by typical commercial disinfectants.
DI-NOC finishes are much easier
to repair than wood or veneer, and repairs are virtually invisible at normal viewing distances.
Easy on the Budget.
Versatile DI-NOC Architectural Finishes give you an easy, cost-efficient way to create new spaces or replace outdated finishes.
Don’t delay your project —
DI-NOC helps you renovate or
refresh your space even if budgets are tight.
DI-NOC finishes let you update existing surfaces creating less landfill waste to help achieve your sustainability goals.
With a lower cost than many traditional materials like wood, marble and textiles, you can create an affordable yet high-end design.
Easy to incorporate in
your space.
Keep your building beautiful without inconveniencing your guests — and without the disruption of traditional construction.
Avoid business disruptions when you create a new space or refresh an existing one with DI-NOC finishes — almost overnight.
Less downtime, noise and mess means minimal impact on the experience of employees, customers or tenants who use your space.
With over 1,000 patterns to choose from and the look of beautiful natural materials, design is limited only by your imagination.
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