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Glass Decorative Finishes


The Creative Alternative to Traditional Glass Decoration


3M™ DI-NOC™ Glass Finishes are decorative films for application directly behind interior glass.  These Products have a clear, pressure-sensitive adhesive on the front surface of the DI-NOC design which can be seen through the glass. Products can be used behind many glass surfaces and provide an opaque dimensional look when viewed from the front glass surface.

Glass means transparency, brightness, lightness, freshness and elegance.  It can be used as communication, it can be decorated.  It is an essential element in building design.  3M Decorative Glass film are perfect for privacy and decorative applications on glass windows.  The ideal solution to give a touch of elegance and originality to the glass surfaces of malls, shops, restaurants, offices, hotels, wellness, spas, etc...


Customize your interior glass to create privacy, visual interest and promotional branding. 3M™ Fasara™ Glass Finishes transform plain glass, capturing the look of cut or textured glass at a fraction of the price. With so many options in style, opacity and translucency, you can tailor the amount of privacy your design provides — without sacrificing natural light.

Stand out from the crowd with a custom interior.

Take your glass from ordinary to extraordinary with 3M™ Fasara™ Glass Finishes. Use them to add privacy or style to any space. Available in finishes and patterns that range from subtle to sublime, they’re exactly what you need to set your space apart.


  • Get the look of etched, cut, sandblasted or textured glass

  • Create upscale looks at a fraction of the cost

  • Change easily thanks to fast application and removal

From basic function to fantastic form, 3M™ Glass Finishes can transform any space and provide the privacy, design or branding solution you’re looking for.

  • Create separation without closing off spaces

  • Provide privacy while retaining natural light

  • Incorporate branding into your designs

  • Conceal areas not meant for public viewing

  • Add one-way mirrors for enhanced security

  • Divide larger areas without making your space feel closed off

  • An alternative to expensive window treatments.

  • Get the upscale look of expensive glass at a fraction of the cost

  • Create privacy without sacrificing natural light

  • Promote your brand while enhancing the guest experience

  • Create visual interest

  • Conceal areas not meant for public viewing

  • Decorative and privacy film solutions offer the look of etched, cut, sandblasted or color-changing DICHROIC decorative glass.

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Office Buildings

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Schools  / Institutions


Architects / Interior Designers

Boutique Hotel Bedroom





Glass Fabricators

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Government / Agencies



Customize your space to suit any taste.

You can design a space that’s private without making it feel closed off with 3M™ Glass Finishes. Frosted, dusted, textured — you name it, we have the finish to match your style. Create the privacy you need with a design that’s all your own.


  • Define interior spaces while keeping an open feel

  • Customize privacy without sacrificing natural light

  • Create die-cut designs to promote your brand

  • Conceal areas from the public

  • Ideal for interior glass doors or inside surfaces of windows

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