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DI-NOC Glass Finishes


3M™ DI-NOC™ Glass Finishes are decorative films for application directly behind interior glass. These Products have a clear, pressure-sensitive adhesive on the front surface of the DI-NOC design which can be seen through the glass. Products can be used behind many glass surfaces and provide an opaque dimensional look when viewed from the front glass surface.

Featured Benefits

• Application Surfaces - apply under glass surfaces including glass walls, panels, table tops, shelves, fixtures and more

• Designs - available in select opaque DI-NOC designs such as abstract, stone, fabric, wood-grain and metallic

• Provides an easy to clean, durable glass surface with a dimensional appearance

• Easy Application - wet application virtually eliminates bubbles, simplifying and speeding application process

• Expected Performance Life of 5 years (indoor applications on non-perimeter glass)

These Products are designed for application to building interior glass and interior glass fixtures. Use on building interior perimeter glass, meaning the interior of an outside glass wall, is on a user test and approve basis due to the risk of thermal cracking and is not warranted. NOT FOR EXTERIOR USE - These Products are not designed for use on exterior glass.

Dinoc-Glass-Architectural Fusion Finishe

3M DI-NOC Glass Finishes - Swatches

3m Di Noc Glass Swatch-01.jpg

DG-1716    Metallic Hairline

3m Di Noc Glass Swatch-06.jpg

DG-379    Metallic Hairline

3m Di Noc Glass Swatch-02.jpg

DG-432    Metallic

3m Di Noc Glass Swatch-07.jpg

DG-1786    Textile

3m Di Noc Glass Swatch-03.jpg

DG-1689    Textile Silk

3m Di Noc Glass Swatch-08.jpg

DG-1156    Textile Silk

3m Di Noc Glass Swatch-04.jpg

DG-1613    Textile Silk

3m Di Noc Glass Swatch-09.jpg

DG-1129    Fine Wood

3m Di Noc Glass Swatch-05.jpg

DG-1022    FIne Wood

3m Di Noc Glass Swatch-10.jpg

DG-1751    FIne Wood

3m Di Noc Glass Swatch-11.jpg

DG-1678    Abstract

3m Di Noc Glass Swatch-15.jpg

DG-1528    Abstract

3m Di Noc Glass Swatch-12.jpg

DG-1161    Abstract

3m Di Noc Glass Swatch-16.jpg

DG-1831    Stone

3m Di Noc Glass Swatch-13.jpg

DG-1587    Stone

3m Di Noc Glass Swatch-17.jpg

DG-1719    Mortar / Stucco

3m Di Noc Glass Swatch-14.jpg

DG-503    Solid Color

3m Di Noc Glass Swatch-18.jpg

DG-504    Solid Color

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